Who Are The Best Five Wing Players In The NHL Right Now?




Alex Ovechkin


Love him or hate him, Ovechkin is still a premier wing player in the NHL. In fact, he is a legitimate MVP candidate the way he is putting goals in the back of the net. He has been hot particularly as of late, picking up 6 goals and 5 assists in his last 6 games. Washington is hoping for one hot streak in the playoffs to help them make a deep push.


Jakub Veracek


The Philadelphia Flyers aren’t having the type of season they were hoping for, but Veracek is still looking pretty good individually. He has 19 goals and 42 assists on the year, and that is pretty good considering a brief cold spell in the middle of the season. He will continue to get chances since he is about their only hope on offense right now.


Dustin Byfuglien


Much like the Winnipeg Jets in general, Byfuglien gets a little bit overlooked when people think of the best wing players in the game right now. He needs to do this for a longer amount of time before people really buy into him, but his numbers don’t lie so far this season. He has 14 goals and 26 assists on the year, but recently he has been moved to defense us because of some injury issues for the franchise.


Vladimir Tarasenko


No one expected Taresenko to be one of the best players on the St. Louis Blues at the beginning of the season. Many know him as just a scorer, but he also has 26 assists. Not only that, but he is the league leader in plus-minus at the moment.


Joe Pavelski


With the ability to score and pass consistently, the San Jose Sharks have been extremely pleased with him so far in 2014-2015. They are fighting through a tough Western Conference, and they will need him to continue to be one of the best.

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Article Author: Lance Masters