Wednesday NHL Roundup!

  1. The Columbus Blue Jackets have won 4 in a row and notorious taskmaster John Tortorella gave the team a day off as reward. I’m still confused as to what’s going on in Columbus – great young forwards (Cam Atkinson, Alexander Wennberg, Pierre-Luc Dubois) great emerging young d corps (Seth Jones, Zach Werenski, Ryan Murray) and a Vezina calibre goalie. They’re now in first place in the Metropolitan Division. So why are Panarin and Bobrovsky still wanting to be traded out of town? They should be doing even better, but Bobrovsky’s numbers are way down from his career averages. To his credit, Panarin’s desire for a trade has not reflected in his strong stats. Is it possible Tortorella is annoying his superstars out of town? He’s definitely not everyone’s favorite coach.

2.Permit me some self-indulgence here – I’m going to rant about the lousy state of my fantasy teams. Does anyone else have players that seem to have designed their entire career around sinking your fantasy team? In my case it’s goalies – I spent the first half of his career slagging Marc-Andre Fleury for his erratic goaltending, but he’s always fantasy dynamite. So I decided if you can’t beat ‘em, join em. So I drafted him for all of his off years. Give up on him and he’s running ramshod over the league just to spite me specifically. Roberto Luongo seems the same. Florida’s lost 7 straight and I’ve been hunting the waiver wire for the likes of Jordan Binnington and Michael Hutchison.  I know my wife’s arch nemesis is Ryan Getzlaf, drafts him and he plays 30 games, doesn’t draft him he gets 80 points. Does anyone else have a weird relationship with a player that disrupts your strategy?

3.Speaking of MAF – and we should be, possibly with the word Hart in the sentence – how about him building up snow in his crease to slow down pucks? I love it. Like, I hate to see a player try to injure another player, but other than that I do have some love for the “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying hard enough” school of professional sports. That applies more to little tricks like Fleury’s rascally antics, rather than something like steroids. Other funny goaltending moments this week include Flyers rookie Carter Hart’s lighthearted confession of not wanting to pick a fight with Minnesota’s 6’6” backstop Devan Dubnyk.