Wednesday NHL Roundup!

  1. The late game last night (or to people on the West Coast, the game)featured the Toronto Maple Leafs beating up the Los Angeles Kings. I feel really bad for the Kings, they are much better than their record suggest but they’re down to 3rd and 4th string goaltenders. Peter Budaj wasn’t a great goalie in his prime. They’re also dead last in Goals For. Very little hope in Hollywood…


  1. Tom Wilson returned from his suspension in the most Tom Wilson way imaginable – he managed to piss off everyone. He scored and got a penalty in the same motion. He ran the goalie. He had everyone who had him in a fantasy pool annoyed that his surprise return to the lineup caught them off guard. He infuriated the people pushing for harsher discipline by escaping his full suspension. It’s amazing he accomplished that much! That said, I’m not sure how I feel about him anymore. I wanted him to be an old school grinder that could play on a scoring line, but he’s turning out to be closer to Matt Cooke than Jarome Iginla.


  1. So The Metropolitan Division continues to be upside down. Columbus in first, barely fending off the Islanders and Rangers despite mediocre play by Sergei Bobrovsky. Pittsburgh and Washington languishing at the bottom. I feel like Pittsburgh and Washington will right the ship by season’s end, but I also feel one of these surprise Metro teams is playoff bound. Columbus seems to have lots of young talent (Panarin, Jones, Werenski, Wennberg, Dubois, Atkinson) but can’t quite put it together for a sustained push. If the season ended today Columbus, the Islanders, the Rangers, Buffalo and Montreal would all be in the playoffs. Other than Columbus I would have figured all of those teams for the lottery before the season started!


  1. Florida has won 5 games in a row since Roberto Luongo came off IR. I guess it wasn’t all Mike Hoffman’s fault. The streak going the other way is the Chicago Blackhawks having lost 8 in a row. I guess it wasn’t all Joel Quenneville’s fault.


  1. I may write a lot more about this but here’s the Coles Notes version – Fuck Gary Bettman. Him going in to the Hall of Fame is an insult to the men that were enshrined alongside him, especially Willie O’Ree. Marty Brodeur and Martin St. Louis are excellent additions and I’d like to Thank them for the great Hockey I watched them play.