Wednesday NHL Roundup!

  1. Beware of falling axes….Stanley Cup winning coaches John Stevens and Joel Quenneville were let go by their respective teams. Did they not have the talent to compete? Did they lose the room? I thought Chicago still had elite talent, but perhaps they’ve passed their window of opportunity. Anyone who had Duncan Keith in their pool last year certainly know he’s lost his goalscoring touch. I always thought Brent Seabrook was a great defender, but I mostly know that form watching him play for team Canada. The internet seems pretty convinced he’s terrible, and his deal is one of the worst untradeable albatross contracts in the league.


  1. Brian Boyle scored a hat trick one week after his cancer was declared in remission on ”Hockey Fights Cancer” Night in Pittsburgh. I love everything about how that turned out. Boyle’s a very useful player, a giant and according to my wife very handsome. I really enjoyed his short tenure in Toronto and was frustrated when we couldn’t re-sign him. He gets paid a lot for third line centre work though – and with the Rangers and Devils on his resume he’s kind of like a kinder cuddlier version of Bobby Holik.



  1. There were some TMZ-esque stories from the Ottawa Senators and Evander Kane this week. I’m not going to go into them. I started reading the Evander Kane thing on reddit and the most upvoted comment was “this seems like it’s none of my business”. I’m admittedly hypocritical in saying so, but I find that’s the best stance in these situations. Except for that one time pornstar Lisa Ann went after Michael del Zotto on twitter for harassing her to give him some phone numbers of her pornstar friends, that was hilarious.


  1. One of the fine gentlemen who runs in the same Hockey related circles took me to task a few years ago for not showing the proper respect to Braden Holtby as an elite goaltender. A Vezina Trophy and a Stanley Cup later, I changed my tune. Now I’m changing it back. Holtby is single handedly destroying one (maybe two) of my pools with his inability to stop a beachball. I got super excited when he eclipsed the previous season’s shutout total of zero in his first game. It’s been all downhill since then. The Caps have stayed relevant by leading the league in goals for. Tonight they gear up for (in my opinion) the NHL’s best modern rivalry – Capitals Vs. Penguins! The Pens have lost 4 in a row and have enjoyed similarly soggy goaltending.


  1. The Islanders are still in first place in the Metropolitan Division – can anyone explain that one to me?