Wednesday NHL Roundup!


An absolutely terrifying moment in the Minnesota Wild Vs. St. Louis Blues game last night. Jay Bouwmeester collapsed on the bench with what is being called a “cardiac event”. I think he was clinically dead for a minute there. The best and worst part of it was it was during the Blues Father’s trip. Jay’s Dad literally watched his son die on the bench. The best part of that though is that his Dad will be there to help with recovery and was there in the Hospital with him. Hug your families people, this is beyond the game of Hockey. The rest of the game was canceled and postponed for a later date. Not sure if I agree with that, the show must go on would help to put a lot of people at ease. That’s a real hard note to go home on. Not arguing with it either, tough call and they made it. Big respect to the management and medical staff as Bouwmeester has been texting that he’s recovering.

Connor McDavid went down with a knee injury. He finished the game originally, but after the game, the diagnosis has him out for 2-3 weeks. In the TSN thumbnail for the video report, it looked like a freeze-frame of GM Ken Holland bursting into tears. Obviously, I wish Connor a speedy recovery and nothing but the best of health. I pretty much wish that to every player except ones who deliberately injure others and then I want karma to sort it out. That said, I’ve been reading some articles about the Hart Trophy race lately. Earlier in the season, Connor was considered a lock, but Leon Draisatl has actually usurped him for the NHL scoring lead. I thought it would be funny if the Oil went on a losing skid and then came roaring back into the playoffs on Connor’s back. In that case, a losing streak would mean an injury and missed games would actually win McDavid the Hart by his absence. I take it all back though, the Western Conference race is too tight for the luxury of the Oil losing games. I want all the Canadian Western Conference teams in the playoffs.

The Big Buff Saga in Winnipeg seems to be coming to an end. Dustin Byfuglien is working his way out of his contract, seemingly to never play professional ice hockey again. I actually loved Buff as a player and personality so I hate to see it end this way. I am taking some solace in the comedy of how it’s being handled. Exhibit A – Captain Blake Wheeler – Wonderful person and Captain and naïve idiot. This offseason Wheeler proudly announced he’d decided to be a better Dad and worse Hockey player. Great call Blake, I get it. Maybe don’t loudly sell it to the press? His numbers, his leadership and general contribution haven’t declined much. If he hadn’t said anything I’d have assumed everything was A-OK. Of course Wheeler stuck up for his friend Buff. It’s just the kind of guy he is, a leader, a standup guy, a person who has never been afraid to take a stand.  Exhibit B – Patrik Laine – Loudmouthed punk asshole and clever Finnish realist. Finland has a low key reputation for things like stark practicality and nihilism. Laine earlier in the year roasted the Jets for giving him second line minutes and lousy linemates. Last year he laughed at the Canucks Fortnite ban, saying that maybe if they didn’t suck so much they could afford to spend a lil’ time playing video games. Laine’s hot take on the situation was Thanks for Nothing Dustin, we really enjoyed being handcuffed by your hideous cap hit in the offseason and all year. Especially when they had to let go the likes of Tyler Myers and Jacob Trouba because they were against the cap. Seriously though, how is he wrong? Buff needs to grow up. He cost Winnipeg so much with his bratty, baffling holdout that no one really seems to understand. I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing. It doesn’t seem anyone else does either.

Last Night’s Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Phoenix Coyotes tilt was a great game to watch. The Leafs traded this week for LA Goalie Jack Campbell to be a backup and replace the moribund Michael “Beachballs” Hutchison.  With Star Goalie Frederik Andersen on the shelf, Campbell has stepped up so much I’m considering getting his jersey. I kinda hate Phoenix for political reasons – they’re the NHL’s baby and Gary Bettman loves them so much more than the Leafs(and other teams that do things like have History, play in places where Hockey’s a thing, or make money). That said, I do have respect for a few things about the organization. Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Alex Goligoski and Niklas Hjalmarsson are all excellent grizzled defenders who play the game right.  Lots of Toronto fans still have love for Phil Kessel, myself included.  The game had a thrilling dramatic finale…the Leafs got a penalty in the last minute, leading to a powerplay in OT, a goal disallowed for Goaltender interference and a great play to bat the puck out of the air and give himself a breakaway. Leaf fans can be a bit out of hand sometimes, everyone was crying about the late penalty but they kinda speared Jacob Chychrun in the balls. Still, I think the refs got the right call on both the penalty and the goal being disallowed.