Wednesday NHL Roundup!


Teams that are unsurprisingly undefeated – Boston Bruins

Teams that are somewhat surprisingly undefeated – Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche

Teams that are bizarrely undefeated – Anaheim Ducks, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers

Teams that are undefeated because they’ve only played one game – Philadelphia Flyers

The NHL kicked off Philly and Chicago’s season at the 02 Arena in Prague – and neither has played a second game yet. In years past the overseas season start has been accompanied by a hangover rin the standings. I’m not sure what my stance is on the matter yet. I think promoting the game overseas is essential to the League. However, given the league’s bungling of all things Olympic I’m not convinced they care about promoting themselves wisely. If they don’t care why should I? And as a fantasy Hockey aficionado the mismatched schedules are a killer in head to head pools.

Boy the Leafs have a tough schedule this week – the Reigning Champ St. Louis Blues followed by the President’s Trophy winning Lightning. Tampa’s off to a rough start though. I don’t think Steven Stamkos needed to call everyone out after only 3 games.

I was impressed by Anthony Matha’s 4 goal breakout the other night – looks like him, Dylan Larkin and Andreas Athanasiou (WOW, I totally spelled that right on the first try and looked it up after! Go Me!) are spearheading a youth movement in Detroit. Mika Zibanejad and Artemi Panarin similarly tore it up in New York. I had doubt about Panarin’s production in New York, but I’d had similar doubts about his production when he left Patrick Kane’s side in Chicago for Columbus. Looks like he can produce no matter what. His pal Sergei Bobrovsky has not been enjoying a similar start in Florida. He’s gotten lit up badly in his first 3 starts. Buy low candidate perhaps? Sell High on James Neal though, he can’t keep that up forever. I’m glad Edmonton fans got something to cheer about though!