The Unstoppable Growth of Fantasy Sports [Infographic]


Fantasy sports is a thriving business that has grown into a billion-dollar industry. One of the reasons behind the popularity of fantasy sports is the fact that fans feel like they have a real stake in the performance of players and teams. Sports lovers like to see themselves as strategists as they create a fantasy football, basketball, baseball or hockey team. They can trade players, adjust their team and execute their best course of action. Fantasy players pay an entry fee ranging from $50-$100, which leads to an annual average of $465 per player. With their money on the line, participants have an even bigger desire to win, which extends beyond watching an actual game. This also adds to the huge money prizes that reach up to $2 billion.

Fantasy sports have changed the sports experience. Leagues and networks note increased viewership, and fans are given the opportunity to get more involved in their favorite sports.

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Take a look at the infographic created by the Betting Sites team and discover more about this rising industry.