A Trade Target For the Blues


Despite the splashy acquisition of Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller last year at the trade deadline, the St. Louis Blues are really not ones to make big moves at this time of year. I mention that because I really do not know if the Blues are considering making any moves and it really is not their modus operandi to do so. The Blues are very much a homegrown team. Much of the talent they put on the ice was drafted by their organization (TJ Oshie, David Backes, Vladimir Tarasenko) or are reclamation projects other teams gave up on (Alex Steen and Brian Elliot). They do not go around trading for superstars (I know Gretzky) very much.

This being said they have a huge hole on the blueline with All-Star Kevin Shattenkirk going down with an injury that will probably (though we can hope for better) keep him out for the rest of the regular season at least. Trading picks for a defenceman would make sense. Tyler Myers may have been a good choice, however Winnipeg got to him first. I would therefore suggest Keith Yandle of the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes are looking for picks for sure and would probably be open to some picks and an AHLer or two. Yandle is 4-36-40 on the season and his ugly -27 is hard to blame on him. That +/- would no doubt improve in St. Louis. He has the scoring touch that would make him extra valuable to an already high scoring team and may even be a fit for a future contract as well.

Will the Blues do this? History suggests, no. Still, I would not have believed the Miller move before it happened either. We can always hope.