The Ongoing Rebuild In Edmonton


Watching Connor McDavid trying to drag this organization into the playoffs is like watching Secretariat attached to a plow. You can’t take your eyes off a spectacular horse, but it’s hard to look at.

And it’s nothing new. There have been some great young players come through here during the 12-year rebuild, most of them asked to do too much too soon with too little help.

Instead of getting the kind of support that blue-chip prospects in Calgary and Toronto get, they’re patted on the back and told to be patient while the owner and his management teams attack this problem with all the efficiency of a gorilla in ski gloves trying to untangle headphones.

There have always been good, honest, hard-working grinders surrounding the young stars in this organization, but for more than a decade now, the skill and experience needed to help them turn this team into a winner has never been provided.

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