Tampa Bay Lightning fan favorite to win Stanley Cup


A few simple searches around the Internet, and it appears the Tampa Bay Lightning are the bandwagon team for NHL fans in 2015.The young and energetic Tampa Bay Lightning have been a treat to watch all season long, and now their exciting brand of hockey has reached a national audience.

This group finished fifth among Eastern Conference Teams with 108 points. So, the position that this team currently find themselves in should not be all that surprising. I did have them as a potential sleeper to represent the East. Maybe, it’s because I hold a soft spot in my heart for the Lightning, as that was the first ever road building I witnessed a hockey game in. Only a couple years back, I went to Florida for spring break with my family.

For a place labeled as a non-traditional hockey market, I know I’ll never forget the arena atmosphere in Tampa Bay. (It’s a lot more spirited than one would expect)

As it currently stands, after last night’s impressive bounce-back performance of 2-0, over the New York Rangers. The fan favorite: Tampa Bay Lightning have a chance to represent the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup Final.

The task: Use that incredible home audience, and play with the same energy and intensity that the hockey world has fallen in love with. Tampa Bay’s home record this season: 32-8-1, tops in the National Hockey League.

The New York Rangers were the odds-makers favorites to win the Stanley Cup when the playoffs began.With that said, Tampa’s task will not be an easy one. However, defense is the strong suit for the New York Rangers, and they have looked below-average against the likes of: Tyler Johnson, Nikita Kucherov, Steven Stamkos, and Ondrej Palat.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are a perfect 8-0, when they score the first goal of the hockey game. Obviously, the New York Rangers must come up with a plan to strike first and quiet home crowd..  Momentum is certainly on the side of the Tampa Bay Lightning. The ‘hockey experts’, suggest home ice advantage does not mean much anymore. However, in scenarios such we have here. I personally believe, home ice carries a lot of weight…


I can’t wait to see what transpires…