Shipachyov opens up about NHL ordeal


The NHL is the strongest and most popular hockey league in the world, which is why it attracts the best players in the world. Despite the popularity of the league, not everyone is a fan because they sometimes feel their sacrifice isn’t rewarded.

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One player that isn’t impressed with how business is handled in the NHL is former Las Vegas Golden Knight Vadim Shipachyov.

Shipachyov left Russia’s SKA St. Petersburg to come play in the NHL. He had been hoping to have a big role on the expansion team that he could parlay into a long-term career in the NHL.

When he arrived in Vegas, Shipachyov spent most of his time in the AHL on assignment, and only appeared in three NHL games.

Upset about his lack of playing time, Shipachyov decided he’d had enough of the NHL, and reached a settlement with the Golden Knights allowing him to return to Russia.

On Saturday, Shipachyov’s old club, SKA St. Petersburg, announced they had signed him to a one-year deal.

After returning to SKA Petersburg, where he won the Gagarin Cup twice, Shipachyov opened up about his time in the NHL.

The veteran said he was made a lot of promises that were never fulfilled, but isn’t mad because everything happens for a reason. He also added that a lot of players on SKA’s roster have gone through the same thing and returned to Russia, which he believes is the right strategy.

From his experience, Shipachyov believes every Russian player that is considering going to play abroad should weigh their options very carefully before making a decision because what the teams and agents tell the players are different from the reality of things.

Shipachyov believes miscommunication was one of the biggest obstacles to his success in the NHL. He said he was told one thing during face to face meetings, but when it came down to playing, he was told something else.

The three-time KHL All-Star said he was told he would get a fair shot at playing time if he performed well on the ice, but that wasn’t the case. Shipachyov scored a goal in his first game for the Golden Knights, helping the team win the game.

Instead of being rewarded with more playing time, he was told by the coach that he wouldn’t be getting a lot of playing time at the moment. The coach tried to convince him that everything was fine, but he was put on the fourth line.

After he realized he wasn’t going to be getting any playing time with the Golden Knights, Shipachyov decided it was time to move on. However, things wouldn’t be as simple as he hoped.

The Golden Knights requested that Shipachyov pay back most of the $2 million signing bonus he received, they also asked him to sign an agreement preventing him from signing with another NHL team when he is released.

After asking for his release, Shipachyov was assigned to the AHL for the second time this season and then was suspended by the Golden Knights when he left the AHL team to return to Las Vegas.

Even though his move to the NHL didn’t go as planned, Shipachyov said he is happy to be back with SKA, and grateful the team accepted him back even though they didn’t have to.