Report: Taylor Hall to miss rest of season

taylor hall leg injury

It’s no secret, the entire Hockey world knows the Edmonton Oilers are in a dismal state. Once again, this franchise is at the bottom of the league and the only thing they may get lucky about is winning the lottery and picking first overall…again.. at the NHL draft. The chances of that just increased significantly with the news that Taylor Hall might miss at least 6 weeks, and possibly the entire season due to a severe bone bruise on his leg. Latest news states the bone bruise has morphed into bone fracture.

Taylor Hall is the war-horse for the Edmonton Oilers, as he goes..the team goes. He currently has 11 goals and 30 points in 42 games in the 2014-15 season. I had a sense of a serious injury because his production level has taken a significant dip if you look at his career totals.

With the season already a write-off maybe its not such a bad thing for Taylor Hall to take this time to rehabilitate and hopefully come back stronger then he ever was in the new season.