Report: San Jose Sharks looking to trade Antti Niemi

San Jose Sharks looking to trade Antti Niemi.

Hardcore hockey fans book vacation time for NHL trade deadline day, simply  because you don’t know what’s going to take place. The landscape of your franchise can change in a few hours. Having said this, today’s rumor of the San Jose Sharks looking to trade starting goaltender, Antti Niemi has come out of left-field.

Trading Antti Niemi is a bad idea for San Jose


The San Jose Sharks currently sit in the final playoff spot for the Western Conference with 66 points to their name. I know Antti Niemi is a free-agent this summer and the club wants to get something for him. However, pulling off a move of this magnitude at this stage in the season, suggests to your fans that you are throwing in the towel when it comes to making the playoffs. 

Antti Niemi, isn’t the best goalie in the world by any means– but, his record of: 23-14-7 isn’t half bad. Not to mention, he’s the guy who has gone to war with his teammates on a nightly basis. The following is the report of the rumored move.

Via Nichols On Hockey:

“They continue to get younger. If you look at their lineup, it’s the youngest it has been in a long time. And that will continue to the point where I was talking to a team today that says that they were told again by San Jose that Antti Niemi is on the table.
So here’s a team that’s in a playoff spot, albeit by a slim margin; but, because Niemi is a pending UFA, the Sharks are taking calls on him. Which suggests to you that yes they want to get in again. I mean, they made the playoffs 10 straight years. But the bigger priority for San Jose is to try and replenish the organization on the fly here.

As the report suggests, the San Jose Sharks have done some good things in an effort to get more out of their younger more skilled players to go deeper into the playoffs. However, even the most casual hockey observer understands that relying on an inexperienced goaltender to take you all the way in the NHL playoffs is virtually impossible. I can’t stress it enough; changing the starting goalie just before playoff time is a stupid thing to do. The St. Louis Blues tried it by signing Ryan Miller, and we all remember what happened….