Report: NHL to tell Marchand to stop licking

It appears the NHL is ready to intervene in the licking scandal surrounding Brad Marchand.

For those who are unaware, Marchand thought it was a good idea to lick Tampa’s Ryan Callahan in the face during Friday’s Game 4 loss to the Lightning. This marks the second time this postseason that the Bruins forward has licked an opponent after he did it to Toronto’s Leo Komarov in the first round. If the NHL would have gotten involved after the first incident, all of this nonsense could have been avoided but here we are again. It’s possible that another incident involving Marchand could result in a fine or suspension. This has become an extremely embarrassing incident for the league.


Update: The NHL has apparently warned the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators about the consequences of licking an opponent ahead of Saturday’s matchup.

Rule 75.4 (iii): “Any player who persists in any course of conduct designed to incite an opponent into incurring a penalty.” Apparently, the NHL has decided that anyone caught licking an opponent will be forced to serve a 10-minute misconduct penalty. So far Brad Marchand has gotten away with licking two opponents but the NHL appears to have had enough of his antics and the embarrassment they have caused.