NHL suspends Connor McDavid for two games


Connor McDavid will serve a two-game suspension for an illegal check to the head on the Islanders’ Nick Leddy.

The NHL argued that McDavid made Leddy’s head the main point of contact and that such contact was avoidable in this instance. McDavid’s argument was that he was taking an angle to make a play on the puck rather than engage in a hit, but the NHL still feels McDavid is responsible for the hit. McDavid had no previous history of supplemental discipline and he’s never accumulated more than 26 PIM in a single season.

Every fan who follows this great sport is aware Connor McDavid is becoming the face of the game. In this case, the NHL is trying to send a message that the same rules apply to every player and there is no special treatment. I understand.

On the flip side, fans are wondering:
First time offender with no prior history gets a two game suspension. McDavid gets hacked and slashed to death by opponents, and the refs miss the calls. He doesn’t complain, he just moves on. The second he makes one bad hit, two game suspension