NHL Playoffs: The Stanley Cup favorites have survived


If you are a hockey fan who likes to  put a wager on who is going to win the Stanley Cup, and you play favorites, you are in love with how the finals have taken shape. Somewhat, predictably, the Stanley Cup favorites survived. The New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim Ducks. These were all, really, no-brainer picks for the potential Stanley Cup winners. If you click the link above, you will even see I gave you some long-shot advice that might still pay off. I said that Washington and Tampa Bay would make up at least one of the teams representing the East. I was right.

In the West, it was obviously going to be the Chicago Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks. In 10 of the last 14 seasons, a California team has been represented in the conference finals. In terms of the Chicago Blackhawks, This should be general information, nobody has done better in the playoffs over the last five seasons. Their only concern; the Patrick Kane injury.(before the playoffs). However, “Showtime” looks to be his old self…  I’m thinking we could have the modern-day dynasty on our hands.

The Washington Capitals failed to win yet another Game 7. This time:  Alex Ovechkin guaranteed a Game 7 victory.  Of course, by now, we should all know, that did not come to be reality. Instead, the New York Rangers beat the Washington Capitals, 2-1 in a sudden-death overtime. thriller.

This became the 14th consecutive playoff game the New York Rangers earned the victory by one-goal. Honestly, I had Anaheim Ducks and Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Final. ( because my favorite player in the league: Patrick Kane was injured), If the Chicago Blackhawks keep going the way they have; their experience in big games will win out.  Three Stanley cups,in five years….

Simply sensational!

Stanley Cup Final: Chicago Blackhawks over New York Rangers in six games.