NHL needs to decide ‘relatively quickly’ on fate of June draft


If the NHL is going to proceed with a June entry draft amid its paused season, deputy commissioner Bill Daly says it will need to commit to that approach “relatively quickly.”

The league began taking the temperature of member clubs and team executives by discussing the proposed idea during conference calls this week.

While no formal vote is required to set the timing of the draft, the league’s head office will consult with its 31 teams before reaching a decision, according to Daly. And time is of the essence given how much planning would need to be done before staging a virtual draft two months from now.

“I think we and the clubs would need a fair amount of lead time, so I would think a decision would need to be made relatively quickly,” Daly said Wednesday in an email.

The discussion comes with the NFL expected to draw record ratings for its draft Thursday night — the first one ever held entirely online in that league because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

VIA: Sportsnet