NHL COVID Pause Ahead?


Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic:

Will the NHL have to pause the season if things continue to escalate?

That’s not being considered at this point in time, a league source said Tuesday. An NHL Players’ Association source said the same, that a shutdown was not anticipated at this point.

But that’s not to say the NHL/NHLPA are sitting on their hands.

First of all, sources say the doctors from both sides who have been advising on COVID-19 matters were scheduled to have a call Tuesday night to discuss the latest happenings and presumably suggest the next steps — which could potentially result in those doctors recommending to the NHL/NHLPA more enhanced protocols. That could mean everything from more mandated mask-wearing to daily testing of players and staff. Under the protocols since the start of the season, players were being tested every three days.

So, buckle up, let’s see how the NHL and NHLPA get through this over the coming week or two.

And further down the road, if this COVID-19 wave continues to worsen, you might see some NHL games with limited crowd sizes or no fans altogether depending on local government health authorities in different NHL markets.