NHL confirms year of Drouin’s contract burned after Lightning suspension 


“A full year of Jonathan Drouin’s entry-level contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning will be burned even if he remains on the sidelines for the remainder of the season, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly confirmed to Chris Johnston of Sportsnet.

The Lightning may have been looking to toll the contract, meaning push it back a year in light of the circumstances, but that’s not possible, says Daly.

‘We haven’t previously had a practice of allowing clubs to toll partial season breaches,’ Daly told Johnston on Thursday in an email. ‘Had this been the last season of the contract, however, we may have entertained an argument for ‎some form of remedy or relief in this situation.’

What this means is that any team that trades for Drouin will add him to the roster with one year left on the cap-friendly rookie deal.”

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The HockeyFanLand Insight:

Jonathan Drouin is a tremendously talented young hockey player. I think we are all aware this kid has all the necessary tools to be a great pro. For some reason, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Drouin have not seen eye to eye. The situation has escalated, and Drouin now outright refuses to play for the organization. As a result, Tampa Bay has suspended Drouin without pay, which is the appropriate move in my opinion. However, today’s news from the NHL likely decreases the trade value of Drouin, putting the Tampa Bay Lightning in an even tighter spot. This is not a good situation at all.
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