NHL Board of Governors OKs 3-on-3 OT, coach’s challenge


The change in overtime will see the League go to a 3-on-3 format for a five-minute period in regular-season games tied at the end of regulation. Previously, the League played 4-on-4 overtime. Regular-season games tied at the end of overtime will continue to be decided by a shootout. The coach’s challenge will be limited to goals scored on potential offside or goalie-interference plays. The Board also approved a change to faceoff procedures that will have the defensive player place his stick on the ice first in all faceoffs not held at the center-ice dot. In the past, the visiting team player had to declare first; under the new rule, the only time the visiting player must declare first will be on center-ice faceoffs.

Perhaps most interestingly it was the NHL Players Association was “adamantly opposed to AHL-tested model”, which runs four minutes of four-on-four and then three minutes of three-on-three before the shootout. It seems the players simply want to end the game as soon as possible after regulation.

The HockeyFanLand Insight:

I’m glad the league  has not gotten rid of the shootout entirely. under this new method shootouts will be less likely. The board of governors has said in the past that they no longer want a game of individual skill deciding the outcome of hockey games. For me, I love the shootout there is a certain rush I feel when there is one man standing at center ice and 18,000 people are cheering for him. Expecting something immediately to impact their teams’ fortunes.  I have to admit, three on three will produce a lot of exciting scenarios when guys are tired.