My Trip to the Stanley Cup Finals


I never, ever thought that I would go to a Stanley Cup Final. I mean, look at the stats. I am a St. Louis Blues fan. We have had a good team for some time, but it has never been great enough to make it so far. Also, I live in Massachusetts, the heart of Bruins country. I have been to the city of St. Louis once and even if they made it to the Finals, I would probably not be able to go.

Well, the Lord is merciful, because all the circumstances needed to get me to a Finals game somehow came together this year. The Bruins won the East and I can get to the TD Garden in about two hours. Then my son Zachary, born and raised a Blues fan, texted me and asked if he bought tickets (no small investment), would I go with him? What!? What do you think? So, we did. Last night, we sat high above the ice and watched our beloved Blues take on the really overconfident Bruins and their enthusiastic fans. We got some comments about our Blues gear, but most were all in good fun. Once the game got started, it was all business and what a game it turned out to be.

The St. Louis Blues are a gritty, strong on the puck, hockey team. They win by their excellent passing, fighting in the corners for the puck and their work keeping the puck in the their offensive zone. Of course, this would not matter without Calder worthy goal tending from Jordan Binnington, however if they do not play their “strong on the puck” game they will not win. This happened in Game 1. They did not control the puck or bad penalties. The Bruins had five power plays. That is 10 minutes the Boston goal was not being attacked. The Blues must attack to win. Watch the overtime video for Game 2. That is vintage 2018-2019 St. Louis Blues hockey. They attacked, got the puck out of their zone and swirled around Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask like a swarm of bees. The 3-2 score hides the fact that in the third period, the Blues were taking the Bruins defense apart. Rask bailed them out over and over again. In the overtime, the Bruins collapsed. Even a great goalie cannot stop every shot. The Blues played their game and Carl Gunnarsson scored the game winner.

The St. Louis Blues now go back to home ice. This team has proven they can win at home or away. If they stay with their game, the Bruins will not be able to stop them. This team is rolling. Go Blues!