Justin Faulk Good fit in Edmonton?


According to Eklund at hockeybuzz.com

“This just in….

I talked to a source and the Justin Faulk Sweepstakes appear to be rounding the bend and entering the home stretch.

Four teams are very interested and still talking to Carolina…Edmonton, Toronto, Buffalo and Boston…

“The Islanders were in this, but not as of today…” a source confirmed this morning…but that can always change again…

more to come.”


The HockeyFanLand Insight:


Faulk, is a monster when it comes to putting up points from the back-end. Last seasons total of 31 was the lowest his career since his rookie year.  The Edmonton Oilers are in desperate need of a PP, QB. So, many fans would love to add a weapon like this.  However, I caution paying too high a price.

“Carolina has had some questionable goaltending over the years (save 2013 and 2015). If they just received average goaltending over this timeframe, they would have been about 75 goals better – and that’s substantial.

But Faulk’s numbers are even worse. Faulk’s on-ice save percentage is 90.7. That means that in the minutes Faulk has been on the ice, Carolina is 52 goals worse than league average and 27 goals worse than what Carolina could have reasonably expected with their goaltending talent.

About that 90.7 save percentage: It’s the worst number of any defender in the past six years, true by a considerable margin” From Travis Yost TSN

So, trading for Justin Faulk is risky.  Still, If I’m Edmonton I do the deal.