Jared McIsaac won’t be derailed by 2018 draft season pressure


Jared McIsaac was born in Truro in Nova Scotia. And he has never left his home province which, one assumes, is something he appreciates. Keep in mind the fact that the defenseman has made several leaps and bounds during his career to become a high-end prospect.

Ever since he made his presence known in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey league, McIsaac has not stopped climbing the minor hockey ladder. Halifax used their No.2 selection to bring him onboard in the 2016 QMJHL draft, trading four picks in the process. And even then, Jared McIsaac wasn’t going that far from Truro.

However, now that the defenseman is finally heading to the NHL, he will have little choice but to leave Nova Scotia. McIsaac isn’t the sort of player to shake up the sportsbook odds for NHL Hockey games.

However, his entry into the NHL cannot be ignored. Not only was McIsaac present on the NHL Central Scouting 2018 draft list but he managed to earn an ‘A’ rating. Only eight other defensemen have been fortunate enough to earn such a rating.

What does that mean? McIsaac is without a doubt a first-round prospect. Of course, that sort of hype can be dangerous. If McIsaac isn’t careful, he could be derailed in his performance by all this talk of his bright future.

For the moment, McIsaac looks like he is still maintaining a level head. The athlete said he wouldn’t let the pressure of the future get to him. Rather, he intends to take things one game at a time, delivering the best performance possible whenever the need arises.

Right now, everyone recognizes that McIsaac is in good shape. He played a significant role in helping Canada take gold at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup. He is unlikely to lose the goodwill he has earned anytime soon.

Troy Dumville (NHL Central Scouting) believes that McIsaac’s success can be imputed to the fact that he is a good puck mover. One also cannot ignore the fact that he sees many options on zone exits.

McIsaac takes all his cues from Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings. That might explain why he operates as a two-way defenseman, contributing offensively and defensively and, really, showing a knack for adapting to any role that arises.

Jared McIsaac worked with Halifax Coach Jim Midgley at the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Midgley was coaching the under-16 Nova Scotia team so the two had plenty of time to get acquainted.

One assumes that the experience gives Midgley insight into McIsaac’s abilities so much so that Midgley is probably best placed to help him achieve his goal of going pretty deep in the playoffs.

Midgley has worked with defensemen before. After all, that was his specialty back when he was working under Coach Andre Tourigny as an assistant. McIsaac has plenty of raw talent; however, it will take the efforts of Midgely to polish McIsaac’s abilities and make him a true threat in the NHL.

According to Midgley, everything he is seeing from McIsaac so far is pretty impressive. McIsaac has imputed much of his success to the efforts of Midgley. Midgley knows that McIsaac can deliver so much more, which is why he keeps pushing him