Howard To St. Louis?


I ask you, who does not like a great hockey rumor?  Unlike the ones in real life, they really do not hurt anyone and they allow us to speculate about the sport we love.  The one that has recently come to my attention is the possibility the St. Louis Blues may deal for Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard.  Howard just came off victories over the Blues and the Boston Bruins, allowing only two goals to his opponents in both contests.  Overall, Howard has 9 wins, a 2.66 goals against average and a save percentage of .923.  Meanwhile, Blues starter Jake Allen has 7 wins with a GAA at a whopping 3.24 and a save percentage at .896.  If the Blues are going to salvage the season, a move for a solid goaltender like Howard would be a good one.  Allen is coming off a nice 3-2 victory over the Colorado Avalanche, however that may not be enough to convince the Blues they do not need some more help. Blues Backup Chad Johnson is coming off a 6-1 loss to the far from mighty (though recently good) Arizona Coyotes, so it does not look like he is the solution either.

I for one fully endorse this idea and I hope the Blues go and get Howard.  I really do not know how strong a rumor this is and maybe I am getting excited for nothing, but something clearly needs to be done in the Blues net, at least until Allen sorts things out.  There is also the possibility that he will not sort things out and that is yet another reason to make a move.  Now before you say anything about the defense, I am also aware that the goalie is not the only one to blame when the defense falls apart.  Say what you will about the Blues, they have long been great in their own zone.  That has not been the case this year and perhaps a new goalie would not solve the problem.  I still think its worth a shot and looking for some defensive help at the same time would not hurt either.  I guess we will see.