How we’ll remember Jonathan Drouin — Crybaby, quitter, disaster


Here at the corner of Jungle and Madness, The Drouin Disaster nears conclusion. Any moment now, we expect a trade that will allow the indefinitely suspended Jonathan Drouin, former prized Lightning draft pick, to pack his skates, sticks and teething ring and go elsewhere.

Or maybe it won’t be any moment now. Drouin’s latest hijinks — making himself a healthy scratch for Wednesday’s game for the Syracuse Crunch — should give suitors pause. He’s the kid who quit.

Hey, I’ve got a great idea! If the Lightning want to move Drouin, bring him back up and make him team captain. Those guys are leaving here all the time …

Once Jo Drouin was can’t miss, the third pick of the 2013 NHL draft, a prized piece. Now he’s pucks’ bad boy. Once we could picture Drouin-the-playmaker feeding Steven Stamkos for years. Now they both might be out of here. I’d put Drouin down as a definite.

“It’s obviously not the position we envisioned, going back to the start of the year, going back to the draft and whatnot,” Lightning GM Steve Yzerman said. “For various reasons, here we are and we’ll deal with it.”

Frankly, this seems like an awful fuss over someone with six NHL goals.

Drouin’s sit-down strike was a bad choice. It makes him look like a spoiled brat, a crybaby. He’s either not thinking or he’s getting bad advice from his agent, Allan Walsh, whom I believe might be very distantly related to the agent who told his client, Abe Lincoln, to skip the speech and take in a play.

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