How ESPN will cover NHL Games


Dominic Massimino of Sporttechie,

ESPN’s NHL coverage this season will include on-ice camera operators to film more revealing footage of games, particularly near the teams’ nets. The network will also place microphones on players and on the goals to capture substantial pregame audio.

Additional aerial shots will come from a Four-Point SupraCam system that will be suspended from cables above the rink. Data from SMT’s puck and player tracking system will also be shown on broadcasts across ESPN, ESPN+, Hulu and ABC.

ESPN’s broadcast crew will also gain locker room access to capture coaches’ pre-game remarks. The crews will also be allowed inside the NHL’s replay review room during referee decisions, with former NHL ref Dave Jackson providing rules analysis during games.

The Drop, a new 30-minute digital pregame show, will also livestream on the ESPN’s digital platform before marquee games this season.