Hockey Training Site Great For Young Players

Loading...  was launched in January of 2015 and has quickly become a very popular and useful resource for young hockey players. Owner Kevin McClelland says “Things have been going great since our launch, and we are growing at a very rapid rate right now.”. McClelland has teamed up with popular hockey strength and conditioning coach Dan Garner to put together what they hope will be the #1 hockey training resource on the website.

Their main focus is off ice hockey training, although they haven’t completely turned down the idea of offering on ice training and skill work in the future. Garner puts together hockey training or workout programs that are designed to help hockey players improve their game.

The main focus of the website, which is clear when you read their articles, is to help players increase their speed. Skating faster is usually the first thing hockey players talk about when asked what they want to improve on and McClelland and Garner have made sure that their programs are all designed to help the players gain speed.

Amongst the hockey training programs  offered at there is a product called “Next Level Speed”, which is a program focused only on helping the player skate faster. In this program you will get access their Amazon #1 best seller ebook “Hockey Speed: The Guide To Skating Faster”.

Other products and programs that hockey players can purchase include a full off-season plan called “Next Level Performance” which is their main program offered. This is a 5 month training program that will help hockey players improve all aspects of their game – speed, power, agility, explosiveness, and conditioning. They also offer a conditioning program called “Next Level Conditioning” which is focused around helping players become more conditioned for the game of hockey, so that they don’t tire out in the third period (and sometimes overtime).

While their main target audience is hockey players between 14-20 years old, they don’t leave out the younger and older hockey players. Players aged 13 and under can have their parents purchase them a Youth Hockey Training program, which is mainly bodyweight exercises. Players 20 and older who don’t play competitively anymore can buy their “Men’s League Domination” program which is designed for busier men who can only train a few times a week to improve their hockey performance and look better off the ice as well.

To learn more about be sure to head over to their website, or their YouTube Channel here: