‘Hamburglar’ Hammond will get free McDonald’s for life


Andrew Hammond joked that he didn’t eat the hamburger thrown to the ice at Canadian Tire Centre following Sunday’s victory because it was “cold.”

Fact of the matter is, The Hamburglar can now get all he wants, straight off the grill.

Thanks to John Bergeron, the Senators goalie will be delivered a card that will give him free McDonald’s food for life. Bergeron is the father of Chris Bergeron, who coached Hammond for three seasons at Bowling Green. He also owns six McDonald’s locations in the Ottawa Valley and is a big Senators supporter.

Bergeron was so moved by the rise of The Hamburglar and appreciative of the promotion provided by the Senators goalie he called the VP of marketing at the head office in Toronto, suggesting a hamburger giveaway at Canadian Tire Centre. Toronto wanted to go one further and give Hammond the lifetime card.

“In college, having a McDonald’s card for life is a huge deal. Maybe Hammy can afford to eat at some of the nicer establishment in Ottawa now,” joked Mike Bergeron, Chris’ brother and a long-time friend of Hammond. “It’s a great story. Hammy hasn’t changed his ‘tude at all, and he’s just riding the wave. He’s just enjoying it.

“He knows the deal. He knows it’s not going to be forever. but the difference with a guy like Hammy is, he’s playing for his life. He’s playing for his next contract.”

Hammond said it was “cool” to see the hamburger tossed in his honour.

“You don’t expect this kind of persona to develop while you’re here playing, but it’s all in good fun so I’m all for it,” he said. “I’m taking it as a sign of respect, so it’s obviously pretty cool to get that out of the fans.”

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