Edmonton Oilers win Connor McDavid draft lottery


The Edmonton Oilers have won the NHL draft lottery, giving the right to select Connor McDavid first overall.

McDavid is considered the best young talent to come along since Sidney Crosby.

This is the fourth No. 1 pick for Edmonton since 2010, joining Taylor Hall, Nail Yakupov and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Edmonton had a 11.5 per cent chance of winning the lottery.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I have been in Edmonton Oilers fan my entire life. Hockey is my true passion. And, this is what I consider to be the luckiest day of my life.  McDavid, is considered to be a generational talent. I promise you I will enjoy watching the development of “The Next one”, for the rest of my life!

I understand there’s going to be haters, because of the number of other chances the NHL has given the Edmonton Oilers to improve. I will make this official, if the Edmonton Oilers find a way to screw up now, after these fortunes, I will be pissed off. I won’t do something stupid like guarantee a Stanley Cup, but the team better be at least competitive making the playoffs year in, and, year out.

With the addition, of Connor McDavid, the Edmonton Oilers must live up to all of the hype. The team has more than enough offense now. It’s going to be an interesting summer in an Edmonton. I believe someone has to be moved out. To address the defense and goaltending needs.

No disrespect to the other number one picks, but Connor McDavid is the most hyped up player and  possesses the greatest abilities out of anybody on the current roster to change our fortunes, I will be personally embarrassed If this doesn’t work out…

Welcome to Edmonton, Connor McDavid ! No pressure….I Edmonton failed as a franchise to develop young talent. It’s up to you to be the missing piece to get us back in the playoffs.

“Whether the Oilers draft me or not, that’s an unbelievable organization and it would be a true honour to play for them,” McDavid said in a TV interview.

MacTavish refused to commit on McDavid over the consensus second-best player, Boston U centre Jack Eichel, but unless there’s a last-minute switch, they’re taking him and that’ll give them RNH, McDavid and last year’s top pick Leon Draisaitl as the top three centres. The scouting community all feel McDavid can play and star next season, so you can pencil him into the lineup.

If the people in charge of developing cannot work with what they have now, they should be fired ! Move some pieces… make this work !