Edmonton Oilers to hire former Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli


Earlier today Boston Bruins insider Joe Haggerty wrote: “All indications are that the Oil are poised to hire Chiarelli, and the Bruins will not seek compensation for their fired GM beyond being able to escape the contracted big dough they still owe him.”

My take

When Daryl Katz bought the Edmonton Oilers in July 2008, he made a massive mistake which  he is finally fixing with naming of Hockey Canada’s Bob Nicholson as chief executive officer of the Edmonton Oilers, the coming announcement on Chiarelli, which I suspect will place Chiarelli as Oilers vice-president of hockey operations, taking the place of Kevin Lowe. Craig MacTavish would remain on as general manager.

This could well spell the end of the Kevin Lowe era in Oilers hockey, an era that started when Lowe came on as an asst. coach in 1998 and saw him promoted to general manager after Glen Sather left in 2000 and promoted by Katz to v.p of hockey operations in July 2008.

That final promotion was the error made by Katz.


The HockeyFanLand Insight:

I think, every serious Edmonton Oilers fan, would agree this will be a game-changing move by the organization. It’s time to get rid of the old boys club. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with a fresh mindset behind the team. 

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