Edmonton Oilers buyout Andrej Sekera


Andrej Sekera has been put on unconditional waivers by Edmonton for the purpose of a buyout. Thank God this player is gone. Sekera, had nothing but injuries.

The buyout will carry a cap hit of $2.5 million in each of the next two seasons, and a cap hit of $1.5 million for the two seasons after that. The move saves the Oilers $3 million in each of the next two seasons.

If the Edmonton Oilers were going to buy out anyone today it was most likely to be Andrej Sekera. Doing so would carries a cap hit of $2.5m for the first two years of the buyout. But by year 3, that drops to $1.5m. At the same time, the NHL salary cap is expected to escalate due to addition NHL expansion and climbing American television revenues. In relative terms, the sting really subsides after year 2. And by that time Sekera will be 35. A player of that vintage and with 2 major injuries on those legs? I’d be concerned. Very much so. And clearly, Holland was as well. People I trust who watched Sekera every day (so, games, practices, etc.) told me how the player had lost more than just a step. His mobility had been significantly compromised.

Some were reluctant to agree with this thinking. They felt that Sekera still had value as a Top 4 NHL D-man. The old Andrej Sekera? Sure. But with all due respect to the player (whom I have a lot of time for) there was mounting evidence that Sekera was quite simply no longer that. Last year’s 27-game stretch at the end of the season was almost exclusively 3rd pairing minutes against inferior competition. And AHL and World Cup minutes are not Top 4 NHL TOI. Edmonton Journal

I think Sekera is a really good person by all accounts. However, He simply cannot of hockey at the level needed anymore. Good move made by Holland.