Dreger: McDavid’s best-case scenario is 7-8 weeks


Hockey insider Darren Dreger recently shed some more light on Connor McDavid’s injury. The following is an excerpt from an article published on NBCSports.com:

“Darren Dreger spoke with NBCSN’s Liam McHugh on Wednesday, giving more details on Connor McDavid‘s injury situation.The most direct news for Edmonton Oilers fans: the best-case scenario for McDavid’s return would be a window of seven-to-eight weeks.

Hopefully you note that it’s a best-case scenario, although hockey players – especially ones as devoted as McDavid – sometimes beat even optimistic outlooks.”


The HockeyFanLand Insight:

I follow Edmonton Oilers hockey religiously. So obviously this news is very upsetting. I was in the audience at Rexall Place Tuesday night when the injury occurred. I went into a state of devastation… McDavid has been an absolute joy to watch, living up to all the hype. You don’t want to see anybody sustain an injury, especially a player showing enough promise to become the “Poster Boy” of the NHL. Injuries are part of hockey, and this one was a freak accident.

McDavid’s injury is eerily similar to the injury of one of my other favorite NHL superstars, Patrick Kane. If you remember, Kane missed seven weeks with a fractured clavicle last season. He then went on to score 23 points in 23 playoff games. Fans of the NHL can only hope for similar results with McDavid so that he can come back as soon as possible and continue his impressive rookie campaign without missing a beat.

No one expected the Edmonton Oilers to make the playoffs. However, with the absence of Connor McDavid, I hope the team still shows a willingness to progress and compete…