Darryl Sutter Sends Out Goalie Coach For Post-Game Talk


Eric Francis of Sportsnet:

The boss, quite obviously, was unimpressed.

So much so, Darryl Sutter sent his goalie coach out for the post-game presser to explain what went wrong in the Calgary Flames’ 4-3 loss to the San Jose Sharks on Tuesday.

The message was obvious: “your guy messed up tonight, so you go explain this.”

Out came Jason LaBarbera with the type of deer-in-the-headlights-look one might expect, rationally explaining that while Jacob Markstrom would like to have had a few goals back, the sun would come up tomorrow and their Vezina hopeful would get back to work.

And while all this drama and message sending was going on, a gentleman sitting in his southwest Calgary home couldn’t help but howl with laughter.

“Been there, done that,” chuckled former Flames goalie coach David Marcoux as he answered the phone.

“Welcome to the jungle. Welcome to Sutterland.”