Connor McDavid is worth Tanking for

Connor McDavid Stats

There has been great debate amongst hockey fans about tanking in the NHL in recent months. I know as a professional athlete it is not in your DNA to try and throw games. However, who can really blame organizations like the Buffalo Sabres or Edmonton Oilers for tanking in a season that features surefire number one overall pick, Connor McDavid. everyone around the game of hockey is agreeing on one thing,  McDavid is a once in a generation NHL prospect.

if there was a season to adopt tanking as a strategy this would be the one. Connor McDavid is the most popular teenager in Canada and for good reason. His stats line reads: 107 points in 40 games. For the record: I would support and hope my team the Edmonton Oilers continue tanking for a player that was granted exceptional status and has lived up to every expectation.

It’s been a decade without playoff hockey in ‘Oil Country’, however, with players like McDavid and Jack Eichel on the draft board this really wasn’t the year to be concerned about the playoffs, if you are used to being at the bottom as is the case in Edmonton.

The last-place team has a 20% shot at landing McDavid. If that does not happen; Eichel is a fantastic consolation prize.That is why on trade deadline day NHL fans witnessed the Arizona Coyotes and Buffalo Sabres unloading players that could help them win games right now. All in an effort to tank.

Whether you’re a fan of the process are not, you can’t blame the teams for participating in the strategy. These players are franchise player caliber. 2015’s NHL Entry Draft is comparable to 2004. When Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin were selected No. 1 and No. 2. These two guys are household names. Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel have done nothing to suggest tanking for them isn’t the best strategy. So, hockey fans should not be surprised that this process likely is taking place…