Coach’s challenge gets positive reviews at GMs meetings


The show of hands said it all.

The league’s hockey operations department showed video of six goalie interference plays Monday and none of them managed to find unanimity when the 30 NHL general managers were asked to vote goal or no goal.

It hammered home the message that on very close calls, the referees on the ice reviewing the coach’s challenge have their hands full. And they’re, for the most part, making the better call in a gray situation.

“Goalie interference, we understand it’s the better call. It’s not a black and white,” Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland said Monday after Day 1 of the GMs meetings.

“We went through a lot of the 50-50 calls and those are going to happen, and if those aren’t reviewed then there are still going to be disgruntled parties on either side,” added Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli. “I look at the 50-50 calls, those calls that could go either way, as the cost of doing business to have this in place and to have the right calls on the egregious mistakes.”

The discussion on the coach’s challenge dominated the agenda on the first day of meetings. The universal feeling was that given it’s the first year, the coach’s challenge has largely been good.  Continue Reading on 


The HockeyFanLand Insight:

I am in agreement with the general managers on this one. The coaches challenge has been a great addition to the game. It actually amazing how many potential calls went missing the past… The only negative I have is when coaches use a challenge late in games on a 50-50 play to use it as an extended timeout.