Chicago Blackhawks have no plans to change their team name


In the NFL, Washington got rid of their Redskins name and more recently in the MLB, Cleveland announced that they would no longer be called the Indians. That naturally leads to questions about the Chicago Blackhawks. However, CEO Danny Wirtz made it clear on Thursday that Chicago sees themselves as a different case. ‘‘I respect the decision the Cleveland Indians made to go down that path,’’ Wirtz said. ‘‘But we continue to deepen our commitment to upholding our namesake and our brand. [Given] the work we’ve been doing over the last several months in expanding and deepening conversations and partnerships in the Native American community, we continue to feel really positive about the types of work we can do, the ways in which we can be better stewards of the namesake and history and to use our platforms to be educators for our fans and internal teams. [We want to] make sure we provide that reverence and respect.’’ Chicago’s team is named after the 1800s Sauk tribe leader Black Hawk. The Blackhawks recent efforts includes their sponsorship of the educational wing of the Trickster Cultural Center building in Schaumburg. That said, Chicago has been criticized for its name. The American Indian Center broke off ties with the team, citing the name and branding as the reason. They said in a statement last year, “Going forward, AIC will have no professional ties with the Blackhawks or any other organization that perpetuates harmful stereotypes.”