Chicago Blackhawks back in the Stanley Cup Final

Tonight’s result was really not surprising to me all, I predicted Chicago Blackhawks to be in the Western Conference Final from the start of the playoffs. The minute I heard my favorite player in hockey was fully recover from injury,( Patrick Kane). I knew the Blackhawks would have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. I also, said this series would be an instant classic and, it was. For me, one of the best series I’ve ever seen in my life. The bigger the game, the more the Chicago Blackhawks superstars step up. History proves that, and it happened again tonight in a 5-3 Game 7  victory. On the flip side, Anaheim owns a terrible record in game sevens… (losing their last three). If the Chicago Blackhawks continue to play the way they played tonight. They will be considered this generations hockey team.

The Tampa Bay Lightning as everybody knows is worthy of being the Eastern Conference champion; they play a young, energetic fast-paced brand of hockey. As ever hockey fan knows it isn’t easy to repetitively win in this league that seems so equal. But, the Chicago Blackhawks have done that. Their experience points them as heavy favorites to win the Stanley Cup yet again. Impressive performances like we witnessed tonight is nothing new for Chicago. This core-group does it again, and again. Players like: Towes and Kane are putting together Hall of Fame careers. Reserve their spot now!

If you  staked your daily fantasy roster with Chicago Blackhawks like I did. You are a big-money winner tonight! The rest of the National Hockey League learned what it takes to be a winner by watching this series. The Anaheim Ducks pushed the  Blackhawks to be their best. We seen that tonight. If we continue to see it you know what happens…