Chiarelli thinks Oilers will probably add a goalie before draft


Peter Chiarelli  says he hopes to have another goalie in the fold before the weekend.

“My guess is we’ll probably be able to do something before the draft,” he said. “But I’m not completely sure.

“At the end of the day it takes two to tango so you have to have the right deal in place. But I’m not averse to going to the free agent market, either.”

The Oilers, who’ve been chasing down leads for a couple of weeks now, have what everyone wants – draft picks.

“We’ve had discussions with teams,” said Chiarelli, adding the Oilers are in a group of three or four teams trying to land a starter. “There are more goalies than those number of teams, so we’re in a bit of a buyers market. And we have multiple picks so I seem to be a popular potential trading partner on that front.”

The question of whether to bring in an established guy or a younger goalie who might become something special if given a chance is one that doesn’t necessarily seem to have a correct answer.

“For me there’s a couple of groups of goalies out there and I’m not averse to either,” said Chiarelli. “You’ve got some younger, smaller sample size guys and you’ve got some more proven guys.


The HockeyFanLand Insight:


As an everyday Edmonton Oilers fan, I can’t help but be excited with the personnel changes that have taken place in the organization. In my opinion for the first time in years the Edmonton Oilers can finally start going in a positive direction. With the draft less than a week away, my excitement builds at the anticipation of taking McDavid. However, on top of that I want to see what changes will be made to the core of the organization. We can probably expect a ton given the change in organizational philosophy. To be honest, that is what I am hoping for.  it is good to hear that Chiarelli is exploring every goaltending option actively. Goaltending has been a positional weakness over the last decade. Getting an legitimate starter, will certainly put a stamp on this team as being his own.

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