Brendan Gallagher calls out Tim Stutzle for embellishing


Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher isn’t happy seeing Ottawa Senators star Tim Stutzle consistently embellishing calls.

“More than half the games we’ve played against (Stutzle), he’s laid on the ice and is right back out there next shift,” Gallagher said, according to Sportsnet’s Eric Engels. “He lays on the ice, he acts like he’s hurt, he sells the call, he’s on the ice that same power play. There’s kids watching, we’re role models, and if I was a teammate of his, I’d tell him to smarten up.

“It’s just not a good look. Very talented player, very good player, (but) he needs to stop laying on the ice. It’s embarrassing.”

Stutzle was on the receiving end of a couple of incidents during Tuesday’s 6-3 victory against Montreal. Nick Suzuki tripped Stutzle up on a knee-on-knee collision at the end of the second period to earn a two-minute minor.