Braden Holtby signs five-year extension


Braden Holtby has inked a five-year $30.5 million contract extension with the Washington Capitals.

Holtby and the Capitals already had their arbitration hearing, but they were still allowed to come to an agreement independent of the arbitrator because a final judgment hadn’t yet been made. Holtby was asking for $8 million while Washington countered with $5.1 million. This new deal leans closer to Washington’s request in terms of the annual cap hit, but that seems only fair given the term Holtby is getting. He is still a bit of a risk given his somewhat-inconsistent career to this point, but there’s no question he has the potential to live up to this deal and then some. He had a 2.22 GAA and .923 save percentage in 73 games last season.

Source: Rotoworld