Video: Columbus Blue Jackets’ historic 16-game winning streak

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A look back at 16 great plays that have propelled the Columbus Blue Jackets to a historic 16-game winning streak. (via


The whole hockey world is captivated by the Columbus Blue Jackets right now, and rightfully so. This team is one win away from tying the NHL record for the longest winning streak; the current record is held by the 92-93 Pittsburgh Penguins with a whopping 17 wins in a row. The Blue Jackets will chase history tonight against the Washington Capitals.

A knowledgeable hockey fan could have put it all together that the Blue Jackets were going to be a decent hockey club very soon. The roster is packed with some of the most underrated players in the sport, in my opinion, and the club is finally putting it all together.

Let’s face it; it has been a rough first 15 years for the franchise. Columbus has made a grand total of two playoff appearances (2008-09 and 2013-14), so if you’re talking about history, it has been a pretty negative one for the Jackets.

“It’s the respect factor,” captain Nick Foligno said. “We realize last year we had zero respect in the League, and we had worked hard to get it a couple of years back, and through our own fault we lost it. That’s what bothered myself mostly, and a lot of guys in the room, it was that.”

Nobody in their right mind could have predicted this, though.

It’s good for the game that the Columbus Blue Jackets are getting the attention and respect they deserve.

Forward Matt Calvert, who has been with the Blue Jackets since 2010-11 and is their longest-tenured player, has noticed the local morning TV news shows and radio stations have jumped onto the bandwagon, and players are getting recognized more in the community.

The craziest part of all of this is that Las Vegas odds-makers have recently made the Columbus Blue Jackets the Stanley Cup favorites. My advice: Bet on that if you want to lose money!

This streak has been impressive, no doubt, but it has been the only thing in the history of this franchise that has been remarkable. Obviously, Columbus winning the Stanley Cup is a stretch. Still, I think it is vital for this organization to continue to play with confidence beyond the streak.

Everybody knows that streaks come to an end.  Hopefully Columbus has learned some valuable lessons that will make it a better hockey club for the foreseeable future.


Featured Image Credit: Paul Vernon-AP Photo