Blackhawks owner requests Brad Aldrich’s name be removed from the Stanley Cup


The Hockey Hall of Fame will move forward in the process of having Brad Aldrich’s name removed from the Stanley Cup.

Chicago Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz wrote to Hockey Hall of Fame chairman Lanny MacDonald earlier on Friday to request Aldrich, the team’s former video coach, be removed from the plaque belonging to the 2009-2010 Chicago Blackhawks.

“Hockey Hall of Fame Chair, Lanny McDonald, spoke with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly today regarding the request from the Chicago Blackhawks to have Brad Aldrich’s name removed from the Stanley Cup,” the Hall of Fame said in a statement. “The parties agree that this request is appropriate and that they will have further dialogue, including with the Stanley Cup trustees, on how best to effectuate this request.”

In his letter, Wirtz pointed to the name of Basil Pocklington being covered by Xs on the Edmonton Oilers’ 1983-84 plaque as precedent for the move, and requested Aldrich’s name be treated in the same manner.

“Aldrich’s involvement with the team during the 2010 season has cast a pall on the players’ extraordinary work that year,” Wirtz wrote as part of his letter. “The names of some of hockey’s most talented athletes appear on the Stanley Cup. But so does the name “Brad Aldrich” whose role as video coach made him eligible for the engraving. His conduct disqualified him, however, and it was a mistake to submit his name. We are sorry we allowed it to happen.

“I am humbly requesting that the Hockey Hall of Fame consider ‘X-ing’ out his name on the Stanley Cup. While nothing can undo What he did, leaving his name on the most prestigious trophy in sports seems profoundly wrong.”

Soruce: TSN