Blackhawks’ Bickell doesn’t expect to be traded: ‘I feel like I’m staying’


Forgive Bryan Bickell if he hasn’t been listening intently to all the rumors of where he could or could not be playing next season.

“I have a 10-month-old baby girl, so she keeps me busy. I’m building a house,” Bickell said on Friday. “With a short summer, I’m just looking to get back in shape and get focused for next season. It’s going to be another exciting season. We made moves to help out this team in the cap era, so we’re excited.”

That’s if Bickell remains with the Blackhawks, which may or may not happen. But for Bickell and Kris Versteeg, whose names have been the subject of trade rumors for several weeks, life is keeping them plenty occupied.

Bickell, right now, sees himself remaining with the Blackhawks.

“I feel like I’m staying. I don’t feel like I’m leaving. I feel comfortable and I’m sure they feel comfortable with what I bring to this team and what I need,” he said. “I don’t want to say I’m replaceable but hopefully I can stay. I’m looking to come here for training camp as a Blackhawk, and hopefully I can stay that way.”

Versteeg has also been spending quality time with family; his son was born just as the Stanley Cup Final began. Versteeg’s also been here before. He was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs after the 2010 Stanley Cup victory. That summer, he let the trade possibilities consume him; this summer, not so much.

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